Syllabus Creation

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Syllabus for Pre-Schoolers

Oxford Show and Tell series supplemented by the Oxford Phonics World draws from the best of current international methodology, providing a Nordic-inspired environment which sparks children’s innate curiosity.

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Syllabus for Young Children

Oxford Discover and Tell Series challenges its budding primary-age from 6 to 11 years learners with immersive, stimulating contexts and enquiry &scenario-based lesson-designs to set a platform for children to explore and grow.

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Syllabus for Teenagers

MacMillan Gateway Series – a 21st Century approach for modern-day teens, our Scholars program uses enquiry-based methods to broaden learners’ perspectives, up their exam-game and ready them for bright futures.

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Syllabus for IETLS Seminars

Cambridge Complete IELTS Series encompasses not only exam strategy and detailed feedback for students aiming to level-up their score,but through student-centered experiential activities, an onus is placed on cognitive skills and acumen,ensuring continued development beyond the course.

“Wisdom begins in wonder.”